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 My Tailoring Services....

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PostSubject: My Tailoring Services....   Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:08 pm

Blazyn is a Shadow Tailor 375 skill, for those of you needing any/all of the cloth cooldowns, meaning since I'm shadow spec'd that will be x2 per CD where as spell and moon will only be a x1 cloth per CD, for those of you that didnt know Smile just msg me in game, bring me the mats and I'll blow the CD on any of your choice. Seeing as I dont much need the cloth for anything, as I have made all items I was interested in already.

Also I might add.... I can make alot of other high-end tailoring garments/bags (slot bags, enchanting bags, herb bags, soul bags, enchanting bags) Message me in game as well if you are interested in anything.... All I require is the mats, and if anything requires a Primal Nether, Ill hook you up there as well Wink cuz I'm cool like that. Peace

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My Tailoring Services....
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