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 Formula: Fiery Weapon

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PostSubject: Formula: Fiery Weapon   Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:50 am

I got tired of waiting for this formula to show in the AH for one of my alts so I decided to check it out myself. Here’s good news for those waiting for it or for those not aware of it

Farming for this formula is a piece of cake for any level 70. It drops from a specific boss – Pyromancer Loregrain – in BRD which is very accessible for those with the Shadowforge key. Be cautious not to aggro the other mobs and a single run will only take about 3-5 minutes. This is based on my holy pally which has a really low DPS, other class might be able to do it faster.

1. A shadowforge gate is located to your left as soon as you enter the instance.
2. Open and go through that gate
3. Another shadowforge gate can be seen to your right.
4. Open and go through that gate too.
5. To your left will be a small protruding door called “East Garrison Door”
6. Open and go through that door.
7. A stair will be located to your front right.
8. Go up the stairs but watch-out for the fire elemental patrolling the area.
9. Go up another flight of stairs directly across the hall.
10. The staircase will take you on top of the Ring of Law.
11. Go around this arena and proceed to the staircase situated across your point of entry.
12. There will be a set of mob at the end of the stairs so go down by hugging the wall to your right and turn right.
13. Pass another set of mob and he will be there at the end of the hall with 2 level 52-53 guards.
14. Kill Loregrain and the guards but make sure that none will flee and aggro the mob you just passed.
15. Grats when your formula drops or just reset the instance and repeat the process.

Loregrain is no longer a rare spawn. I got 2 formula within 30 minutes.
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Formula: Fiery Weapon
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