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 So you want to be a Master cook 1-300 guide

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PostSubject: So you want to be a Master cook 1-300 guide   Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:59 am

1 to 300 Cooking Guide by Highlander of Terenas (WoW Forums)


Levels 1 to 40

Kill any of the following:
Mottled Boars around Orgrimmar for Chunks of Boar Meat.
Wolves and Stalkers around Mulgore for Stringy Wolf Meat.
Darkhounds around Tirisfal Glades for Stringy Wolf Meat.

You'll need about 45 Wolf Meat or about 55 Boar Meat.
Cook the Boar Meat and Stringy Wolf Meat until 40 (train on Spiced Wolf Meat at level 10 and use this to get skill ups quicker, but you'll have to buy mild spices).

At this point you really should take up Fishing as it's easier to fill the gaps, patriculary if your on the Horde side. But people have requested a cooking only guide, so let's try and stick to mob drops.

Levels 41 to 90

At level 50 train as Journeyman Cook.
Goto The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest and buy the Smoked Bear Meat recipe from Andrew Hilbert.
Kill Grizzled Bears around Silverpine Forest for Bear Meat.
You'll need about 60.

Levels 91 to 125

Go find Grub in The Barrens. He's in a Tower by Grosh'gek Farm, just north off the road between Crossroads and Ratchet and pick up the quest for Dig Rat stew.
Kill Dig Rats until you have about 30 more than the quest needs. Complete quest and cook Dig Rat Stew till your level 125.

Levels 126 to 175

To Train as a Expert cook, goto Shadowprey Village and buy the Expert Cooking Book from Wulan.
Goto The Crossroads and buy Hot Lion Chops recipe from Zargh and about 60 Hot Spices.
Kill Mountain Lions around Hillsbrad Foothills for Lion Meat.
You'll need about 60.

Levels 176 to 200

Goto Grom'gol and buy Roast Raptor recipe from Nerrist and about 30 Hot Spices.
Kill Raptors around Grom'gol for Raptor Flesh.
You'll need about 30.

Levels 201 to 225

Goto trainer and train Spider Sausage.
Kill Darkfangs around Dustwallow Marsh for White Spider Meat.
You'll need about 30.

Level 225

Goto Gadgetzan and speak to Dirge Quikcleave to obtain Artisan cooking quest - Clamlette Surprize (he's in the tavern). Whilst your there, pick up the recipe for Tender Wolf Steaks.
You'll need 12 Giant Eggs, 10 zesty Clam Meat and 20 Alterac Swiss. The Alterac Swiss is the easiest to get, just goto the Inn in Thunderbluff and buy them from the Innkepper . Get the eggs from the Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands (the drop rate is way better than the Rocs in Tanaris). For the clam meat goto Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris and kill the Turtles. They will drop Big Mouth Clams at a good rate, which contain Zesty clam Meat.
Keep killing Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands and grab another 70-80 eggs. Also kill the Wolves round here for Tender Wolf Meat.
Goto Bloodvenom Post in Felwood and buy the Monster Omelet recipe from Bale and about 140-160 Soothing Spices (this is where it gets really expensive. Take up fishing already, it's cheaper).

Levels 226 to 285

Stay in Felwood and cook those eggs for Monster Omelets and any Tender Wolf Meat you got. If you didnt have enough to get you to 285, go kill the Wolves around Felwood for Tender Wolf Meat and make Tender Wolf Steaks.

Levels 286 to 300

Goto Cenarion Hold in Silithus and speak to Calandrath for the Desert Recipe chain of quests. When you get to the third quest you'll get the recipe for Smoked Desert Dumplings.
Kill Dredge Crushers and Strikers for the Sandworm Meat (low drop rate). You'll only need about 10 more than the quest needs plus the soothing spices (about 20 in total).
Cook till 300.

Congratulations, your now a Master Cook BTW did I mention how much easier it would be if you actually used Fishing aswell?
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So you want to be a Master cook 1-300 guide
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