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 Guide 1-300

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PostSubject: Guide 1-300   Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:10 pm

This guide i got from

But to be short.


About this guide

This guide will show you how to get your tailoring skill up from 0 to 300. The guide will only use recipe's available at a trainer until 275 and vendor available recipe's from 275 to 300.
This guide only uses recipes that require cloth and vendor bought material (thread, dye). The only exceptions are the vendor bought recipe's to get to 300 which require rugged leather. The leather needed is easely aquired through skinning or the auction house.
This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipe's from quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up to you.
This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to switch profession at high level or have high level alts, friends or guildmembers.


You are going to need a lot of linen and wool cloth and huge amounts of silk, mageweave and runecloth. Create an alt storage character to store these amounts of cloth and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the cloth needed. Use the ingame mail system to send the cloth to the storage character. You may need more than one storage character. Don't forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the cloth back.
Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be send back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So to avoid complications send the components you need first last: i.e the linen cloth are needed first, so these are the last to be send back to your main, after the wool, silk, etc.
The recipe's used require vendor bought components such as threads and dye. These cost gold. To learn recipe's from a trainer also costs gold. The amount of gold needed is aproximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the cloth. If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house expect to spend upwards to 250 gold. This does not include gold for recipe's from vendors or the auction house.
Below is a table that shows the amount of cloth needed. The minimum amount column shows the minimum amount needed if you would get a skill point every time you make something. However at some point a recipe will be yellow or even green when you make something so you won't allways get a skill point. The estimated amount column deals with this, so try to get the estimated amount of cloth. If you are buying all the cloth you need from the auction house, I suggest getting the minimum amount and only buy more when needed. The numbers in the estimated amount column are rounded up to full stacks of whatever the component stacks up to.

Getting from 1 to 50

Getting from 1 to 50 seems easy enough. Making a bolt of linen cloth greys out at 50, so it looks like this is the easiest way to get to 50. However, since making a bolt of linen cloth becomes yellow at 25 and green at 37, you will most likely make much more bolts than needed to get from 50 and further.
Getting from 50 and further requires at least 70 bolts of linen cloth, so lets make those first and set those aside. If you haven't reached 50 yet, make a bolt of linen cloth and then a linen belt. The linen belt will give a skill point. Repeat this until 50.
Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman Tailor. You have to be level 10 to become Journeyman Tailor.

This table shows the different recipes used to get from 0 to 50.

Getting from 50 to 125

First use the bolts of linen cloth set aside earlier to get to 75. Make linen bags to get from 50 to 70. Make the reinforced linen cape to get to 75.
There are two other recipe's that can be used to get from 50 to 70, the heavy linen gloves and the reinforced linen cape. These recipe's are cheaper in components than the linen bag, but since the bag sells for more silver at a vendor (2 silver for the bag versus 29 copper for the gloves and 67 copper for the cape) and you have to make a lot of bolts to get to 50 anyway, I decided to go for the linen bag so you can recoup a bit more of the money you lose wasting material.

At 75 you can train to make bolt of woolen cloth. Bolt of woolen cloth greys out at 105. To get from 105 to 125 you need at least 55 bolts of woolen cloth, so lets make those and see how far we get.
If you haven't reached 105, make 1 bolt of woolen cloth and then make a woolen cape until you do reach 105.

Now use the 55 bolts of woolen cloth made earlier and make gray woolen shirts until 110 and double-stitched woolen shoulders to get from 110 to 125.

Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Expert Tailor. You have to be level 20 to become Expert Tailor.

This table shows the different recipes used to get from 50 to 125.

Getting from 125 to 200

At 125 you can make bolt of silk cloth, which greys out at 145. Since you're going to need at least 175 bolts of silk cloth for your skill up recipe's you will most likely reach 145 with that, so lets make those bolts of silk cloth.

Make azure silk hoods to get from 145 to 160, silk headbands to get from 160 to 170 and formal white shirts to get from 170 to 175.
At 175 you can make bolt of mageweave which greys out at 185. Later on you're going to need at least 90 bolts of mageweave, so lets make those bolts. This should get you to 185 easely.

Now back to silk. Make Crimson Silk Vests to get from 185 to 200.
Once you hit 200 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Artisan Tailor. You have to be level 35 to become Artisan Tailor.
This table shows the different recipes used to get from 125 to 200.

Getting from 200 to 275

First make some more crimson silk vests to get from 200 to 205 and crimson silk pantaloons to get to 215.

Make black mageweave leggings or vests to get from 215 to 220, black mageweave gloves to get from 220 to 230 and black mageweave headbands or shoulders to get from 230 to 250.

At 250 you can make bolts of runecloth, which greys out at 260. Make bolts of runecloth until you reach 260 skill and use those to make runecloth belts. The runecloth belt recipe becomes yellow at 270, so you should be able to reach 275 using this recipe.

This table shows the different recipes used to get from 200 to 275.

Getting from 275 to 300

Although the runecloth belt recipe greys out at 300 I wouldn't use this recipe to skill up to 300, because the amount of runecloth needed would be huge and thus expensive.

Below is a table with recipe's available from different vendors. These are limited availability recipe's, so you need some luck getting them, but i think they are much more usefull in getting your skill to 300.

Of course there are plenty of dropped recipe's that can get you to 300, but getting those require even more luck than with the vendor available recipe's or spending some money at the auction house.

Make runecloth bags to get to 280 and runecloth gloves to get to 300.
Congratulations, you now have 300 skill in tailoring.

This table shows the different recipes that are available through vendors to get from 275 to 300.

This table shows who and where the different vendors are for the previously mentioned recipe's. The vendors are neutral to both Horde and Alliance.

This table shows the material needed to get from 270 to 300.

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PostSubject: wow   Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:24 pm

very very nice... well dont hellhorns..I hope to see more posts form you...

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Guide 1-300
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