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 Changes / Additions for BC

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PostSubject: Changes / Additions for BC   Tue Jan 09, 2007 2:13 pm

The improvements to leatherworking are all about more, more, more.
There will be more high-end armor sets that provide viable protection
even when players make it into the end-game dungeons and raids. The dev
team is also adding new armor kits that are an upgrade over the current
ones, fairly easy to make, and a very good alternative when you cannot
get that high-end enchantment. There will even be leatherworking leg
enhancements that are better than the ones from Zul'Gurub!

New Items:

Riding crop - increases mount speed
Felscale pants - +31 agility & +60 attack power
Knothide Armor kit - +8 stam to piece
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Changes / Additions for BC
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