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 Leveling Engineering 1-300 - Fastest way

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PostSubject: Leveling Engineering 1-300 - Fastest way   Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:43 am

1. 0-30 Rough Blasting Powder [Recipe 1x Rough Stone]

2. 30-50 Handful of Copper Bolts [Recipe 1x Copper Bar]

3. 50-65 Copper Tube [Recipe 2x Copper Bar + 1x Weak Flux]

4. 65-75 Copper Modulator [Recipe 2x Handful of Copper Bolts + 1x Copper Bar + 2x Linen Cloth]

5. 75-90 Coarse Blasting Powder [Recipe 1x Coarse Stone]

6. 90-105 Silver Contact [Recipe 1x Silver Bar]

7. 105-125 Bronze Tube [Recipe 2x Bronze Bar + 1x Weak Flux]

8. 125-150 Heavy Blasting Powder [Recipe 1x Heavy Stone]

9. 150-160 Gold Power Core [Recipe 1x Gold Bar]

10. 160-170 Iron Strut [Recipe 2x Iron Bar]

11. 170-180 Gyrochronatom [Recipe 1x Iron Bar + Gold Power Core]

12. 180-195 Solid Blasting Powder [Recipe 2x Solid Stone]

13. 195-200 Mithril Tube [Recipe 3x Mithril Bar]

14. 200-215 Unstable Trigger [Recipe 1x Mithril Bar + 1x Mageweave Cloth + 1x Solid Blasting Powder]

15. 215-250 Mithril Casing [Recipe 3x Mithril Bar]
(If they turn Green earlier, do Mithril Gyro-Shot [Recipe 2x Mithril Bar + 2 Solid Blasting Powder]
to 250)

16. 250-285 Dense Blasting Powder [Recipe 2x Dense Stone]
(If they go Green, do Thorium Tube [Recipe 6x Thorium Bar]
to 285)

17. 285-300 Thorium Shells [Recipe 2x Thorium Bar + 1x Dense Blasting Powder]

Congratulations, now you can start gaining gold for anything else, and support Field Repair Bot 74A for your raids!

At 200 you can get a quest to get Goblin or Gnomish Engineering, choose wisely!

The quest for Gnomish Engineering is attainable in Booty Bay and Ironforge

For the Gobin Engineering, take a walk/flight or whatever you feel for to Gadgetzan )
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Leveling Engineering 1-300 - Fastest way
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